Episode 1

Published on:

1st Mar 2021

Talking compassion with Emma McKendrick

#001 - In this episode we talk to Mrs McKendrick on the subject of Compassion. We look at the importance of community at Downe House, discovering how it plays an active role hand in hand with Compassion. We consider how Olive Willis, the founder of Downe House, might feel if she was able to walk back into the school today. And we discuss how the girls at Downe get involved in charity, both in and out of school.

But then we discover a little more about Emma McKendrick herself. What does she really do when she's not in school and just how does she remember everyone's names so well?

Find out here in Episode #001.

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The Downe House Podcast
The podcast where we discover more about Downe House School. Whether you're new to our community or an old friend we'll be delving deeper, sharing stories and finding out what it really means to be a pupil at Downe House. There is no typical Downe House girl but there are seven key characteristics which girls develop through all aspects of school life which we call our Downe House DNA. If you have any questions please do contact the school through the main website.